6 Things for Today and Yesterday- Pie Guy, Turkey Burgers, and Art Room Yoga

by - Monday, June 24, 2013

1. That according to a guy on Food Network Star, all you have to say is "Pie Style" and a fruit salad can be a pie- It's like magic, really. The show this year is super underwhelming, but we still watch, if only because nothing makes me meaner than watching food network (where I swear to you, every single "star" has some sort of hate-related problem).
2. Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes- That is what the sign for them said, and they sure weren't kidding. We went to the Mountain View farmers' market, which is larger and more intimidating than our usual Sunnyvale one. The bright side is I talked the Boy into basically every fruit in the world, and now he is making popsicles.
3. Making illuminated manuscripts while watching Real Housewives of New Jersey- every so often, maybe 5 times a year, you just have one of those moments you can be pretty sure no one else has ever had before. This was one of those, and the sign even came out pretty well.
4. Turkey Burgers- with guacomole, bacon, tomato, and red onion. Delicious. One of the Boy's top 20 best meals ever. If you come to visit us, I would recommend this dinner.
5. Doing yoga in my art room- another one of those things. Fun, but I am sore in weird places, and i have become acutely aware of all the things my body can't do.
6. That it is currently 10:20, and my brain is fried- Ooooh boy. It's amazing how old this whole Camp Galileo thing is making me. On the other hand, I feel much more productive. I swear to you, the past 12 months is a study on how to go from depressed to exhausted, and no one has ever been prouder of being exhausted than I am right now, even if it means my upcoming presentation might be a bit of a dud. Who cares?

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