6 Things for Today and Yesterday- My Africa Book, In a World, Trader Joe's Popsicles, and Leaving for the Lake!

by - Friday, June 14, 2013

1. Finishing my Africa book- Honeymoon officially finished. Clearly, this means it is time to start planning the next trip. Of course, I am 20 minutes to heading to the airport, so perhaps not traveling for a while would be ok.
2. Getting a really unpleasant email from my former adviser- She said it was a "follow up". 4 months later? Really? You just wanted to ruin my night? I am really looking forward to a life where I never receive any correspondence from her of any kind. She is seriously the worst. I am far enough away from the situation now to say, with minimal angst, that some people are just the worst, and she is one of those people. You actually have to go out of your way to be that cold and unkind.
3. The "In a World" preview- My wonderful and film-savy brother sent it to me, and it looks like the best movie about voice overs ever. Let's do this.
4. Finishing my first week of camp! Oooooh boy. That was a huge stretch of week, and I definitely got my butt kicked. But I got through it. And I am all the better for it, and I loved my students, and one of them told their mom "Barbara knows all the answers". Best and least accurate compliment in the world.
5.Trader Joe's Popsicles- Ok, as you know, there is nothing better than a rasberry Popsicle. They got us popsicles for finishing our first week. It was amazing and the perfect treat for the end of the week. So fresh. They also had coconut milk popsicles, which seemed very sophisticated. I hate coconut covered stuff, but coconut milk things are slowly making their way to my good side. They are pretty good.
6. That our two person family will have been on a plane 6 days out of 8 (but to be at Grammy's on the Lake is worth it)- This is a lot, even for us, so we really have to dig deep to get through it. At least I am exhausted enough that I know I can sleep through the flight. Now, I am going to watch Joan Rivers and finishing packing up. I will be out the door at in 15 minutes.

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