6 things for Elizabeth's Graduation Weekend

by - Monday, June 10, 2013

Ok, clearly I wrote this last night. I will add pictures tomorrow after I am reunited with my camera. 

This is a weird one because I feel like I am on such a high from just being in the space that feels like home, where I don’t feel totally alienated, where I am actually happy, but at the same time, I am currently on a plane flying away from that place, feeling bitter that life doesn’t get to be what I thought it would, that I am a distant supporting player for the people who mean the most to me, that my kids may not get to graduate in the same park where my parents and all of my siblings did, that my sister’s grad party is still going on, and I just spent two hours in the Cleveland Airport. 

I really hate being away, and if anything, it is getting harder, not easier, because I feel like everyone else has moved on from us, gotten used to living without us mostly, and I am still in mourning that I am not there, hoping that a major software company will take an interest in Victorian hometowns so we can just go home already. Getting on these planes to go breaks my heart every time, but today, it is even worse. I am just so sad that I will never get to live a quick drive away from my family members, because I can now see that was the biggest blessing of my childhood. 

For now, I really need to focus on the positive and be grateful that we can afford to go home as often as we can (even when I am basically unemployed/ careerless/etc.). And I am in luck, because that is exactly what this blog is about! Putting my energy and reflection into my blessings! So let’s do that, shall we? 

1. Pigs in a blanket- It would be embarrassing if I chose anything else as a starting place. If you asked me to ask the top three foods that cause me pure joy (if not also heart disease), Pigs in a blanket would absolutely be on that list. They are just amazing. Also, I swear my MIL’s are the best, because it means we are at her house, and that means I am already really freaking happy. 

2. Playing charades in my Nana’s kitchen- It’s amazing that so many of my favorite places in the world are only a few miles from each other. I could say it a million times- I love my cousins. It feels like a miracle that so many interesting, fun, and hilarious people could have ended up related to me (and not all by blood, which somehow makes it even better). I love doing anything that makes my Nana laugh and brings us all together. Also, now there are tapes of Natalie, The Boy, and I trying to act out seagull, and the Boy saying “Seabird” as a clue!

3. My cousins’ baseball domination (and that Luke, my youngest cousin, called me today just when I was at my downest, just to tell me about it)- I would love it if I got a phone call for every time they hit a  homerun. When they become big sports stars, I will be so proud to say I knew them back when. But I will be even prouder to say they are two of the sweetest people I know. 

4. Roadtripping with Peepa- We went to get the Boy yesterday morning, and it was fun to just get to hang out with her for a while on her big weekend. 

5. The Akron Airport- It’s so cute! It is little like the Erie airport, but it isn’t nearly as janky inside as you think it will be when you drive up to it’s 1973 glory. 

6. Blurred Lines- Yes, I am still stuck on this stinking song, and now I am actively trying to get other people hooked. It is the song J Timbo should have had, instead of the mirror lovesong business, which is neither that catchy nor that romantic. Really? I’m your mirror? You are fucking creepy, dude. 

7. Carla on Top Chef Season 4- What I have been watching on this airplane. I am getting to the finale, where stuff gets stinkier for her, but I am 100% sure she is the best Top Chef contestant of all time, and I think she gets as far as she does both because she is a great chef and she is just a weird heaven of a human being. Just the cutest. 

8. My Grammy and Grampa’s maps to the cabin- we are going to the cabin in Maine next weekend (can you all feel my nervous breakdown from exhaustion? Because I am pretty sure it is coming), and they have slightly differing stories about how you get there. This is going to be an adventure, but it is worth it to hear them bicker. 

9. Hanging banners- Why does putting up party decorations make me so happy? No idea, but I love it. If anyone has a wedding or graduation party they need decorated, I am your girl. 

10. That I am not in high school anymore- Man, those girls can be freaking mean! And my dad made a good point about how the interactions become so passive aggressive, and it just is too much for me. I want to call somebody out! I hope The Boy pushed somebody into the pool, but I bet she climbed a tree somewhere. 

11. FHS’s Graduation in Bandstand Park- I am not sure how you could have a more beautiful graduation. Even though it got a little hot and sunny, it really was a great graduation. Plus, it is fun to see what people wear. Since it is in the park, people don’t seem all that compelled to dress up, and that is when stuff gets interesting. Like tiny tank top with the bra hanging out interesting. Or, all camo interesting. I genuinely love it, because it just makes it feel that much stranger and more special. Plus, you feel how deep the roots of the community goes, because so many people in the crowd got their diplomas on the same stage. Let me say again, thank goodness it didn’t rain. 

12. Leonardo’s Bread- That would also be on my joy food list! It is the best bread in the whole world.

13. My sister-in-law- today in the park, she pointed out her ex-sister-in-law. Then she proceeded to tell me about when she knocked her out with one punch. Note taken. 

14. Flying west at this time of day- It has basically been sunset for two hours. We are chasing it. We will eventually lose the battle, but it still makes me happy. 

15. The Boy’s Uncle Tony’s mustache- Just amazing. He makes a strong argument for the mustache comeback.

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