3 Things for Yesterday- Jiro's Boring Sushi, Prep Help, and the Slow Downfall of the Food Network

by - Saturday, June 22, 2013

from https://www.facebook.com/jirodreamsofsushi/info
1. That sometimes Netflix gets it really really wrong- It has been recommending this documentary to us for months, and we hated it. I fell asleep. I think it was supposed to be inspiring, but I thought it was really really depressing. His interactions with his kids were depressing. He just seemed like someone with OCD.
2. Lots of help with Prep for next week- First of all, I got a ton done yesterday, so I am feeling pretty good about the upcoming week (even though it is a 2 day week for me, since I have PSi19). Even better, I am really getting to know the other staffers, and they are really great people. Happy to be connecting with some people in the Bay who I really like.
3. That Food Network cut ties with Paula Deen- Now we just have to discover the crazy voicemails of Alton Brown and the Dog fighting ring of Anne Burrell, and my life would really be complete.

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