3 Things for Yesterday- PSi Edition

by - Saturday, June 29, 2013

1. That 2 pages into reading my paper yesterday, the most famous (and brilliant) performance scholar walked in- I was all nervous my now-adviser would come, but she trumped it. She gave me some helpful feedback, and she was encouraging when I told her about the situation with Pam, but all in all it took a stressful experience and turned it WAY up. But I survived. And people told me later they liked my paper (though, of course they did, because Performance Studies people, in general, are much friendlier than art history people). But I survived, and now I can spend the weekend making carnival-themed classroom decorations and getting caught up on my life. All good things.
2. Nestle chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches- Man, I have fallen off the wagon, and I am sure it is full of all sorts of things that would make me feel sad. But, it was delicious, so I am not all that sorry. Plus, it was a special occasion (sort of, right?). I just wanted a chocolate chip cookie, so there. Today, I will be good again.
3. Being in a world where a topless woman eating honey for 3 straight hours could be a relatively normal thing- This just makes me smile. Part of what I loved about art in the first place was that it gives people the chance to do things the world would think is crazy. I was blown away that Sister Wendy, a nun, could talk so much about naked people, as long as it is art. I still love that side of it, because I get so sick of things that people can't do or aren't supposed to say. The strangeness of spending a day around so many creative people who were doing everything from baking cakes to eating honey to teaching crazy high tech performance is such a great jolt and reminder of the things I love most about what I do.
4. That part of volunteering where you start your time superfluous and end invaluable- I like figuring out where the labor is needed.
5. My presentation outfit- olive button up, black pencil skirt, grey booties. I was happy to come up with something, because I really didn't think about it until it was time.
6. That after a 14 hour long day (granted, 8 of those were spent mostly out of the welcome desk), The Boy showed up with Andre- visitors are the best! He is spending the day with his other Bay Area friends, but I am still happy he will be around.

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