3 Things for Yesterday- Laurie, Nola, and Chocolate Cake

by - Sunday, June 23, 2013

from www.pinterest.com/smithlili/laurie-anderson
1. Getting back to Laurie Anderson, and Actually Getting a lot Done in a Day- I think it helps to wake up 5 hours before Nick and be wide awake. Need to have a completed draft I am not embarassed by at the end of today. I promise after this week I will be back to blogging regularly and communicating with the world and so forth. Right now, I feel very blechy about grad school, because I am so happy doing my other job, but it is nice to write a paper and to be thinking creatively about art. I think the paper won't really be that great, but I am just going to keep at it and hope it turns out well.
2. Nola in Palo Alto- I had a hurricane (whoa) and etoufee. I am not even sure I know what that is, but it was all seafood and rice and deliciousness. I have yet to come up against a cuisine with seafood, sauce, and rice that I didn't love. Nola was incredibly cool, because it is half open and half under a roof. It may be my new favorite Palo Alto Restaurant.
3. That our annual kite date was ONCE AGAIN thwarted by a concert- Damn you, warped tour! We did get to sit outside in the sun and eat chocolate cake, so I can't really complain, but it isn't a real kite date unless I get hit in the face by that thing at least once.

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