3 Things for Yesterday- Coach, Early Unecessary Wake-Ups, and the Aesthetics of Immaturity

by - Friday, June 28, 2013

from cheers.wikia.com/wiki/Nicholas_Colasanto
1.Coach on Cheers- so I reached the beginning of Season 4 last night, and the second half of season 3, in which Nicholas Colassanto is only on sporadically due to his failing health, really feels the absence of Coach. He has to be one of the dimmest characters on television ever, but he does so in such a smart/quick way that makes it really fun. Plus, his performance is incredibly sweet and warm. I am not sure how I am going to make it through the next 6 seasons worth of television without him (I think it may be time to keep working on my movie list instead.
2. Getting to sleep in, and waking up at 7 anyway- BLECH! Yesterday is one of the only weekdays I will have this chance the whole summer, and I still blew it. I think I am a routine person, but it sort of took me a while to get there. Now that I have a super set routine, it is really hard for me to step away from it.
3. The Aesthetics of Immaturity- You know what one of the best things about being an academic is? Getting to hear other people's brilliant ideas about all sorts of stuff. Yesterday, I went to a panel on hip hop music, and how the lyrics and imagery (especially in Southern music) encourages young people not to accept the neo-liberal conceit that being busy and moving fast means that you are being successful. Whenever I go to something on hip-hop, I am totally blown away by the philosophical depth that can be pulled from some of the music, and yesterday was no exception. It was super inspiring and put me in an awesome mood.

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