3 Things for Yesterday- Cherry walks, my Grandparents, and Late Nights at Alfeos'

by - Thursday, June 06, 2013

1. Walking through Franklin with my Dad at night, eating cherries- Favorite moment of the trip so far. Simple and quiet. Just getting to enjoy being home and smelling the Franklin air (and eating cherries, which we all know I love).
2. Seeing all of my grandparents in one day- I know I have said it before, but I freaking love my grandparents. I would like to be my Grammy and Nana when I grow up. They are the best, and it was nice to get to sit and just chat with them for quite a while. Also, I got to see my cousin Natalie's pottery, which is beautiful and amazing.
3. Late nights in my in-laws kitchen- This is like the definition of happiness.

This was just one of the nicest days. I wish there were a lot more days like this, and a lot fewer days where we are stuck in California.

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