Pause in Travel Stuff! 3 Things for Today (So I Don't Get Even Further Behind)

by - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1. 3 in the Morning Trips to McDonald's- I love that this is how we kicked off our healthy eating habits again, but sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night due to all sorts of crazy jet lag business, and you just need french fries.  It was fun, and then The Boy went back to sleep and I started at the endless task of photo-editing and blogging! Still not all that close to finished!
2. The end of the Mindy Project Season Finale- Well, this season has been a little uneven, and it is super clear that they aren't sure what their tone is supposed to be, but they have succeeded in making me go from really hating Danny Castellano to rooting for him. So kudos to you, Kaling, for that super tension-y final scene.
3. Having it be May sweeps when we are back, so we are motivated by television to stay awake- we have suddenly decided that we are not tired, and if I hold on for another couple of hours I will have basically made it 24 hours without sleep again. Eeep.

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