My 10 SYTYCD Routines I can Watch Over and Over

by - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I start out watching the beginning of every season of So You Think You Can Dance, and I end up watching a whole bunch of youtube videos of old numbers that I miss (later I get annoyed with whatever set of changes SYTYCD has put in place and give up on the season, but that is a different thing). The choices will quickly reveal my love for seasons 3 and 4. The Boy and I watched Season 3 religiously the summer we lived in Seattle, and season 4 was my favorite season of totally guilty pleasure reality tv ever. But these numbers are just so good, no guilty pleasure needed.

10. Tie- Pasha and Lacey "In the Morning" and Joshua and Courtney "Skipping" (Seasons 3 and 4)- These numbers have the same pygmalion plot, but they both give the girls really fun dancing to do and really take advantage to the quirks of the music. The playfulness of these hip hop numbers- and the way they play with unnatural movement- make them really fun.Pasha and Lacey might have a slight edge, because that is my favorite Junior Boys song ever, and this mix shows off the beat even more.
9. Jamie and Hok- "The Chairman's Waltz" Jazz (Season 2)- It's a classic. Wade Robson took what they could do and made it beautiful.
8. Twitch and Alex- "Outta Your Mind" Hip Hop (Season 7) - I didn't watch season 7, but this number deserved the hype that it got. One of the few "bring back the old dancers" numbers that I actually think works so well, since Twitch is probably one of the biggest/best dancers the show ever had.
7.Lauren and Tadd "Another one Bights the Dust" Jazz (Season 8)- Could also be Pasha and Sara dancing to Body language with the suspenders. You can't fight Freddie Mercury, and Mandy Moore knows how to choreograph a great Jazz number to Queen.
6. Neil and Sabra- "Sweet Dreams" Jazz (Season 3)- Another classic. I hated Neil's smug face (doesn't he remind you of that really smug Australian chef? Gross), but it is a near perfect number (including how the camera is choreographed with it), and choreographers on the show have been trying to do this thing every season since.
5. Heidi and Benji- "The Black Mambo" Mambo (Season 1)- The best number from the first season (though I do love the "Sexyback" finale number too).
4. Mark and Chelsie- "Bleeding Love" Hip Hop (Season 4)- Amazing partnership on a season where those bonds were very important. You could tell in the beginning she really didn't get him, but by the end the two had genuine playful relationship, and they never danced better than with each other. I rooted for them, and I am happy that they both have been so successful post-show.
3. Danny and Lacey- "Hip Hip Chin Chin" Salsa (Season 3)- Danny was never quite likable before this number, and this kept him out of the bottom for the rest of the run. Sexy and fun and works perfectly with the music.
2. Pasha and Sara- "The Rockafella Skank" West Coast Swing (Season 3)- Fun and non-stop. Just dorky enough, but it really works for the dancers, who just look like they are having the time of their lives. One of the best numbers ever.
1. Katee and Joshua- "Baila Baila" Samba (Season 4)- Unarguably the best partnership in the history of the show. Some of the other numbers show how much emotional weight they could carry while still being spectacular dancers, but this number is just pure chemistry from start to finish. This is why they were just the best ever.

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