June Fashion Inspiration and What Worked in May

by - Friday, May 31, 2013

Alright, so starting tomorrow I have a job where I wear a t-shirt every single day, so it may not be my most fashionable summer. I also can't wear jewelry, so really, very few options here. The biggest thing I can do in June is try to dress my uniform up according to the themes of the week (safari, carnival, space, and medieval times). So what can one do with a t shirt (while also keeping the business under wraps because we are working with kids here!)?

Gussing Up Shorts and T-shirts or Skirts and T-Shirts
From Clothed Much
From Chictopia
From In the City with Crystalin
From Aureta's Blog
From Her Library Adventures

From Kacie's Kloset
Also, I am really into red summery halter dresses, because they just look sexy and fun. Especially when Marilyn Monroe wears them, because you really just can't fight with Marilyn.

From http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/_retro_life_/rubric/561918/page10.html
May's fashion efforts mostly revolved around the trip to Africa, and like every trip, you start with good intentions, get caught without a hairdryer, and everything goes to hell. I did have a few good learning moments though.
This is basically what I wore everyday on safari. I feel like the best part is the scarf, which is actually a blanket I stole out of the truck and tied around my neck because I was freezing. I am glad, because it really broke up the monotony of the whole ensemble. 
My favorite outfit for May- a peplum shirt with a kind of tribal print, jeans, and my Clarks. I feel like the peplum trend was a pretty big gift to us hourglass shaped curvy girls. I thought the style was very "trip in Africa" without trying too hard.
I also bought this green button up on sale, and it was made of some magic fabric that mostly didn't wrinkle. Was also pretty safari, though it was completely shapeless.
My airport outfit and the maxidress I bought for the dinners. I thought they both worked pretty well.

Alright, let's see how June goes. I am going to get glamorous any minute now.

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