6 Things for Today and Yesterday

by - Sunday, May 26, 2013

1. Asos- Ok, I will let you know how the quality/ ethics of this store are once I know more, but it was fun to find a new source for gifts for my lady friends, especially the wonderful Rochelle, whose birthday was yesterday. Shelly, don't go poking around or it will give it away!
2. Uncommongoods.com- My aunt suggested a gift from here, and now I am all over this website. So much awesome stuff! Ok, someone get married so I can buy them a present from here!
3. Picking up a guest from the airport (especially when that person is my Mom)-  The pick up is often the best part of the whole visit. First of all, you are just so damn happy to see eachother. Also, the beginning of the trip is all making various plans and being open to possibility. By this  point, 24 hours later, it becomes clear you won't have time to do half of what we want to do. Ah well. Here is to the hellos.

From http://whatculture.com/film/10-movie-gems-you-should-watch-on-netflix-right-now.php
 4. The angles in The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari- I woke up two hours before everyone else this morning, which gave me plenty of time for silent movies and knitting. The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, a German film from 1920, is sometimes credited to be the first ever horror film, but it is the earliest huge narrative twist that I can think of. The narrative is pretty great, but the real reason you all should watch this movie is for the visuals. Every shot has just fantastic angles. Like the most beautiful layers of diagonals you have ever seen. It has the shallow spatial depth of theater (often with backdrops that are clearly painted), but it makes every shot feel like an Expressionist painting with the dynamic design-y feeling of black and white. The textures of the shots, even of the performers faces, are often framed with a back fade out frame. Just gorgeous. If you love film, or you just like looking at things that are beautiful, I would highly recommend this short little movie.
5. That when my mom comes to visit, she just wants to shop at stores they don't have in Hawaii and eat at Red Robin- She has to be the easiest guest in the world to please, and she is just fun to be around.
6. The Boy's Drunken hiccups- Oh that margarita and a half did it. So cute.

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