6 Things for Today and Yesterday- Crissy Field, Pentecost, Cherries, and Early Morning Zumba

by - Sunday, May 19, 2013

1. St Tim's Pentecost Decorations this year- I love a good dramatic ceiling, and this shiny red rain of streamers was freaking spectacular. It really feels like there are healthy changes taking place in this church, because it is breeding such creative expression. I am proud to be a part of that. I also love the it really looks like the raining tongues of fire that characterize the holiday. Pentecost is a great holiday, because it is about the birth of the church. On a deeper level, it is about God's divine intervention to allow the apostles to speak to people in the language they can understand. I feel like there is still such a HUGE lesson to Christians in that, as it is a reminder to us that the burden is on us as speakers to reach out to others in ways they can understand. And that it is a fire that didn't burn anyone. Oh I just love it. And it really was a spectacular day for St. Tim's, both because it looked so beautiful and because so many people came together to make it that way. It was the perfect holiday for a church that needs that new start. I loved it.
2. Cherries!! I am so happy we are finally back in cherry season! Eating them right now, and they pure happiness. I think cherries are responsible for any weight I lost last summer, because a good cherry is better than cake. Well, maybe not always, but at least sometimes. But I am loving these cherries right now.
3. Mark Di Suvero's sculptures in Crissy Field- Yesterday morning, I drove into the city to volunteer for the fancypants reception for the sculptures opening at the field, which is the first step in SFMoMA's move out into the city while the building is under construction. It was very cool to see the artist there and to see people hobnobbing (though a shocking number of dogs were present). His monumental sculptures, many of which are painted red, look like they belong in the field where they are currently resting. Also, if I were a vandal, a few of them would really scream for some climbing and spray paint. It makes for a great walk on a sunny afternoon (and thank goodness yesterday had fantastic weather).The sculptures will be up for a year, so if you are in San Francisco, go check them out (but don't spray paint them, because thats not nice).
4. Steve- Steve was one of the volunteers I worked with yesterday, and he was just the greatest. He apparently retired early to travel, and he just got back from the Galapagos islands and is going to Portugal in the early fall. He spends the rest of his time volunteering for SFMoMA and being a board member at a gay line dancing club. I think I may want to be him when I grow up.
5. Doing zumba at 6 AM- I am learning to make the most out of the very early mornings, because apparently I will never sleep after the sun comes out again. I am writing this at 9, because if I wait much longer I will fall asleep on myself! But I am trying to just go with it right now, because I was missing my Beto and latin beats.
6. Being finished with our Africa pictures- Challenge completed! I think it must be time to go on another trip.

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