30 Day Lady Challenge- Day 11

by - Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 11- Someone who you think is beautiful because they know what they want from life. Jenny

Ooooh, boy. Ok, I have gotten even further behind on this, so I think I will start doing these everyday. They will probably get shorter for this reason, but come on now, this project will not be destroyed!

 I don't think there is anyone else in my life who has such a definite vision for their life. Jenny is blond, incredibly pretty,  petite, and usually a sweetheart. But then, she is also a badass who refuses to settle and has built a really great life for herself. That is what makes her beautiful. She is someone I really look up to, because she is putting her creativity to work in every part of her life, and you always get the sense she really knows what she wants from life. 

 I have known Jenny sine the first grade and we have consistently stayed friends over the twenty years since then (we may have had some hiccups around middle school, but seriously, who doesn't?). In some ways, I think we were kindred spirits, because we were both creative and had active imaginations. We used to build forts out in the woods around her house. If given the option, I would probably still spend an afternoon that way with her, because we had such a good time doing it.

 In high school, Jenny and I were in the same group of friends, and we worked together on "the scrapbook" which contained all of our high school memories. She was always planning things to get people together. Jenny has the very distinct combination of being a total softy for the people she loves and having absolute commitment to her beliefs and ideals. I have a lot of respect for her for that. I think it is that combination of commitment, love, and vision that fuels her life, and for as sweet as her personality is, she is tough enough to stick with her idea of what her life should look like.

Her wedding is a perfect example of how complete her vision is (and also how freaking gorgeous she is- just one of the most beautiful brides ever). Jenny's wedding was probably my favorite aesthetically that I have ever been to. When I planned mine, I made intentional decisions to do things differently (since we were in the same space) or I would just spend the whole time comparing us to her perfect wedding. I feel like my style can be all over the place and sometimes ideas are left unresolved, but Jenny is so smart about her style, has a lot of restraint, and can pull things together like it is nobody's business. She picked two colors (a dusty rose type color and chocolate-y brown) and worked her ass off to get everything to match perfectly to the overall vintage style of the wedding. And it was gorgeous. That meticulousness and attention to detail makes her great at every creative thing she does- from cutting people's hair, to her paintings (more on that later), to planning the most vintage romantic wedding ever. It's not just that she knows what she wants from life, it is that she has a plan and the work ethic to see it through.

Even more importantly, and admirably, she has patience. This is what enables her fortitude and meticulousness. I think, above anything else, Jenny really wanted to have a family, and she looked for jobs she could do part time, because she knew she wanted to be a mom. Jenny waited quite a while to find her husband Dan, but she held out for her perfect match and he is certainly it. She also had a longer road to becoming a mom, but she has so much faith and patience, which has paid off in a super cute nugget names Parker. So much of this strength, love, and patience comes from her being a Christian, and she really takes her faith seriously and to heart.

I just put in this one because it makes me laugh every time. She is also super funny, if I didn't mention that. She has a really great sense of humor, just don't put a movie musical between her and sleep, or shit will get ugly.

One of the things I love about Jenny as a friend is that she holds me to what I want. After 20 years, she sees right through me and she is unwilling to let me waver on what I want. When I am ready to change directions, or I am thinking about another detour, her first question is always what happened to the original plan. I kind of want to be Jenny when I grow up, because she has the kind of commitment and stability that seems very safe and wonderful.

Jenny has also tried a few careers that use her creativity. For a while, she was working in a salon (but gave it up when the chemicals were potentially harmful to pregnancy). Now, she sells her beautiful paintings and sketches on Etsy. We have so much of her art that we could have a Bickel Art wall in our house, but she makes beautiful work, has a distinctive style, and she is only getting better. Right now, she is offering doing pencil sketches for people, which I think is wonderful, because it combines some of her passions. You can check out her etsy store Enchantedcanvas here.

So here's to you, Jenny. You are beautiful in so many ways, but your strength, patience, and vision are what makes you a truly beautiful woman and friend.  

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