3 Things-Interviews, May Day, and Tomorrow!!!

by - Thursday, May 02, 2013

1. Job Interviews- particularly once they are over, because then all you have to do is obsess over the mistakes you made, which are way fewer than the ones you can imagine making beforehand. This isn't a testament to underestimating oneself, it is simply a matter of time . You couldn't possibly make as many mistakes as you imagine making. That is the beauty of time in your own head, vs. time in general.

2.May Day surprises from Julie! I had a late night altar guild meeting (you know, my crazy life) and Julie got us leis (lei day) and baskets filled with candy. Thank goodness for monthly holidays that provide us with candy. And thank goodness for Julie, who is the sweetest, most guileless human being on the planet. It was certainly a great surprise at the end of the day. 
3. That by this time tomorrow, we will practically be to Amsterdam! The next 48 hours make me tired feel tired already, because I know sleep (especially actual horizontal sleep) will be really hard to come by. But, we will be having an adventure!

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