3 Things- Hutspot, Interviews, and BeatriX and her Hats

by - Wednesday, May 01, 2013

1. Hutspot- Ok, I know it looks like a penis on a plate of mac n cheese scrambled eggs (yep, I said it), but The Boy's culinary ode to Queen Beatrix on Queen's day was pretty awesome. The penis is really a pork sausage (so close!) and the yellow is curry mashed potatoes with carrots and onions mixed in. The Hutspot is the mashed potatoes, and they were awesome. Everyone, try mashing some veggies into your mashed potatoes. That business is just delicious.
2. Getting an interview! Has it made this last stretch to our trip particularly tight and chaotic? Why yes. But who doesn't love some serious chaos every once and a while? And, I'm just going to keep working on my hustle, instead of skills, and someday I will be the world's most boring Kardashian. I will change my name to Karbara and then I will do rich people stuff (Admission- I have no idea what they do. I love even the trashiest of television, but I am only this second paying attention to them, primarily for the sake of my own celebrity career).
3. BeatriX's hats- She is the queen of hats, and she is the queen of everything, eXtreme and less eXtreme. She should be celebrated by a constant playing of eXtreme's "More Than Words" Best Queen Ever, and basically the patron saint of our home. We will be in Amsterdam in 2 days, so hopefully we will run into her then. Because I assume now that she is retired she will just walk aimlessly around Amsterdam, between tourist spots, looking for Justin Bieber. Here's to you Beatrix, queen of oil and happiness, you are the bomb. Let's hope you get your own tumblr, devoted solely to your epic hat collection. If I was cool enough to use twitter, I would do it by myself.

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