3 Things for Yesterday- Shaun T, Knitting, and The Boy's Pictures

by - Thursday, May 30, 2013

1.Shaun T-Oh yes, we are trying hip hop abs now. The highlight thus far is that he describes motions by what your inner monologue should be while you do them. Gems sound like "Oh yeah. I'm cute. I'm in the club." I am not sure we are doing it right, but if it is good enough for Chris Pratt, it is good enough for us. We also look like incredibly dorky/ possibly injured elderly people when we do it. So all in all, perfect new step in our fitness (this is clearly very important, because a second grader told me I was chubby enough to be pregnant today).
2. Knitting and only knitting for HOURS- I had to have a scarf done in about 24 hours, so I really took the knitting to a new level. I am now done. I will not be knitting anymore, because it has to be the most sedentary pass time in the world. It is also kind of addictive, so you tell yourself one more line, and you end up sitting there for another two hours. So, I need to turn the knitting down, or I am going to knit myself into a mountain of scarves.

 3. The Boy's Trip Pictures- I finally got his yesterday morning, and it was so fun to see what he noticed. Sometimes it is so different than what I notice. I think that is just the coolest thing.

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  1. you should move to hats!!! or infinity scarves!! i have patterns if you want ;) i also have a little baby 'gramps' sweater - seriously too cute