3 Things for Yesterday- Phototrainer, Early Sleeps, and Cheers

by - Saturday, May 25, 2013

1. My Phototrainer class- for my birthday, The Boy signed me up for Tom Upton's phototrainer class, which is basically to teach people who buy big fancy dslr's how to use them. It was a whole lot of day (a 6 hour long class), but I got a ton out of it! I learned I could turn my flash down and use it as filler light! I know what every single button on my camera does! I can better play with my ISO, aperture, and shutterspeed! I know some new stuff, and all I had to do was make a little bit of small talk with strangers! It is all very exciting, though it sure would have been nice if I could have taken the class before we went to Africa. But, with me, we can be pretty certain that I will come up with something else to photograph. Tom was chatty and really broke things down in a productive way, so he made the day pleasant, though he seemed a lot more attentive to some students over others.
2. Going to sleep at 8:30- ah, the jet lag that will never end. On the bright side, it seems like we can stay up late if we need to now, or if something good is on tv, but it is still nice to pass out and be hermits for a while, because life has been super super busy lately.
3. Coach on Cheers- Have been watching cheers before bed instead of Parks and Rec, The Office, or Gordon Ramsey. I never watched the show before, so I have a few thoughts now that I am about half way through the first season. Coach is the best. He is so sweet and naive, but incredibly funny. It is a very well-written show because nearly nothing has happened so far, but it is still entertaining and you still want to keep watching. On the other hand, the theme song is the WORST. Can't win them all I guess.

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