3 Things for Yesterday- My Lady Doctor, Basil, and my Dream Office

by - Thursday, May 23, 2013

1. My lady doctor- I know this is a weird one, but doesn't an amazing doctor make all the difference in the world? She is just cool and honest and I really like her. She and my dentist are the best things about living in the Bay Area. It is sad when someone can order you to get blood work, and they are still one of your favorite people you saw all day.
2. The smell of basil- Best scent in the entire world. It is the smell of happiness.

From http://www.soderbergagentur.com/photographers/magnus-anesund/?image=tove_54#tove_54
3.My dream office- Doesn't this look amazing? i love that there is space for canvases/ frames up top and books on the bottom. I am obsessed with this.
4. The last week of Bayshore tutoring- I am so sad it is almost over, but it is fun to see the kids getting excited for summer. I love that enthusiasm, and I love that they finally believe I am sticking around just as the summer is about to start!

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