3 Things for Yesterday- Memorial Day Breakfasts, Arrested Development Marathons, and FHS Band Marching in DC

by - Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1.Big Memorial Day Breakfasts- We didn't have the cookout this year, but we had a big breakfast with brown sugar cinnamon pancakes, bacon, and two different types of cherries. Also, we bought orange ranunculus at the farmer's market to put in our new bud vase from Kitengala, and they look so pretty together! Ranunculus are in my top ten flowers, but they are only good here for a little chunk of the year.
2. Arrested Development Binge Watching- I will write a separate post about this, but in general, I was pretty pleased with the whole thing. When this kind of thing comes back, I just feel worried, because it is so easy to mess up, but all in all, we had a fun day laughing at Simon and Garfunkel, if nothing else!

 3. The Franklin Black Knight Band Marching in the Washington DC Memorial Day Parade- We watched yesterday, but had to leave before they came on (to take my Mom to the airport). It is so cool to see them on like that, and I can remember that when you do it, you really have no idea what a big deal/ once in a lifetime experience it is. I hope they had a great time, because it really is a special thing. And in the little clip, they sound and look great, so yay them!

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