3 Things for Yesterday- Janet, Airport Ooops, and Great Eyebrows

by - Saturday, May 18, 2013

1. Janet- one of the kids I tutor is named Janet, and she is just the best ever. I know my mom hates her name, but I have never met a Janet I didn't like. Because I have my big photo class next Friday, this was the last time I would tutor her until next year. I will miss her! She was so sweet!
2. That The Boy picked the wrong airport! Ok, this was a major fail. The Boy is off this weekend hanging out with his best friends. I took him to SFO, and as I was driving out, I had a hunch that I needed to turn the volume back up on my phone. It's a good thing, because 10 minutes later, The Boy called to say he was supposed to be at the San Jose Airport! Thank goodness that we show up so early for flights, because we have enough time to make big old mistakes like that.
3. Great eyebrows- I think thick eyebrows are so pretty. I saw a girl yesterday with FANTASTIC eyebrows, and I hope she appreciates them, because they were awesome.

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