3 Things for Yesterday- The Boy Returns, Paggy, and Color

by - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1. The Boy coming back! Everyone should have a good chunk of time apart from their significant others. It is so nice when they return. It helps you appreciate just having the other person around. At least once every 6 months or something.It is also funny to hear the stories.

2. Paggy! Yesterday was my dad's birthday. He got to play his trombone with city band, which is probably one of his most favorite things to do, so that seems like a good day. Pag is a big softy, and he is so committed to his community and the people in it, so I am glad he got to do one of his favorite things and see so many of the people he really likes and who really like him. Happy Birthday Pag! You are the bomb!
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3. Color- I have been feeling very color-inspired lately. Thinking about trying to make my own mosaics or collages or something.  It's a good time of year, because there are so many colors at play here.

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