3 Things for Yesterday- Bayshore Christian Ministries, Skyping Petey, and Wearing my Dress Backwards

by - Friday, May 31, 2013

1. My last day at Bayshore-Yesterday was my last day helping at Bayshore (at least until the fall, but who knows what will happen by then). I have been so impressed with how much the Kidsmart program helps East Palo Alto kids on track with their school work. It was neat to see Waniya, look at her class's work from the beginning of the year and to marvel at how much they had grown. It really is a great community resource. Being somewhere like that has made me love the Bay Area more than I EVER did as a graduate student, because now I can see there are lots of people who aren't looking for glory, they just want to make the community better. That's powerful. If you live in the vast strip makll which is the Bay Area, and you are feeling like the dystopic super consumerism has killed citizenship or community, try volunteering here. It will heal your soul, for sure.

2. Skyping with Petey- our nephew is seriously Heaven. He is so funny and weird. The highlight would be that he went to show us his sister, but since he was carrying a tablet, he wanted to see what was on the screen the whole time, so he just kept sticking his head closer to his sleeping sister until she was on screen too.
3. That I was wearing my dress backwards all day- I was so annoyed that these little kids thought I was pregnant, then when I went to take my strapless dress off, I realized it was backwards, so it really did look pretty wonky! Oy.

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