3 Things for Wednesday- Baby Animals, FloSaundra's Photo Shoot, and Mancala

by - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1. Animal babies- Today, we saw baby cheetahs, giraffes, and elephants, and they were basically the cutest things ever. People don't want to come to the Mara during the rainy season, but it is also the baby season, so if you are into that, I would highly recommend visiting this time of year.
2. That FloSaundy's stock is going down- Yesterday, we felt like our rivals were absolutely beloved at the camp, but Florent is incredibly demanding and kind of rude (though I think that might be a language problem), so we think they may be too far down the super accommodating safari camp rabbit hole. He got in a stupid fight with Edwin the manager at lunch, where he basically played his cards wrong, and then he kept threatening not to tip anyone. And then there was...

3. FloSaundra's  photo shoot- perhaps the most amazing thing we have seen out in the Bush. Florent started posing Saundra all over the truck as if she was driving it and taking pictures and posing on the hood like a Vargas Girl doing Indiana Jones. It would have been funny, but their total lack of irony about it and Joseph's failed efforts to hide his disgust pushed it over into hilarious. Also, we started trying to photo bomb them, because it is in the middle of a big field, so why not?\

4. Breakfast picnics out in the Bush- Sitting out in the middle of the Mara drinking juice boxes and eating croissants, cold bacon, and potato chips is just one of those moments where you have to ask yourself "How did I get here?" Awesome moment.
5. Teaching The Boy Mancala- I used to play this game all the time with a next door neighbor while we watched Veggie Tales. It is one of the best games ever, so it was really fun to teach the Boy. Also, I forgot some of the rules at first and he totally clobbered me in the first round. I may have still taught it to him wrong, but at least I tried!

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