3 Things for Tuesday- The Introduction of FloSaundra, Hot Water Bottles, and Deet

by - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1. Hot water bottles in our Bed- It feels a bit like sleeping with a hot whoopee cushion, but in a wonderful way. Our safari camp is not only super fancypants, but it is like the super thoughtful friend that almost makes you feel embarrassed and under-achieving. They are so nice it makes us uncomfortable. They think of everything, but this is my favorite gesture so far, because it keeps my feet warm. There are only 2 couples here- us and our French nemeses (I tried like 14 spellings here, because notebooks don't have spellcheck) Florent and Saundra- so the staff seems bored and underutilized, and they are just looking for something to do. When it rained during dinner, they came and wrapped up in Maasai blankets. It is all very overwhelming, but I could get used to the hot feet thing.

2. Being in a tiny 20 person plane and landing on a dirt runway- this is how you know you are on an adventure, right? It was pretty cool.
3. Deet- we have been bugspraying the bejesus out of ourselves, and my honeymoon weirdly smells a whole lot like church camp. At least I will associate the smell of bugspray with romance for the rest of my life, right? And it was wayyyy better than the smell of hyenas eating a decomposing hippo, which I probably never needed to take in. We sat there watching them for sooo long, and apparently I was supposed to be meditating on the circle of life and so forth, but it was too gross for me. There were bugs everywhere, so I was glad to have my super deet powers.

4. Hippos (the live ones, not the carcass)- We can see hippos playing in the Talek River outside of our tent at all hours of the day. We saw them all staring at each other in a circle, and I was convinced they were going to play hungry hungry hippos. They are my favorite so far, and seeing them in the wild is so different from zoo-viewing. First of all, they are pretty vicious, and the staff told us they are the most dangerous animal in the area, because they are mean and crabby and they will bite you in half if you cross them. Secondly, they are SO LOUD. They are always talking to each other, and the noise they make sounds like a cartoon villain's laughter.

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