3 Things for Thursday- Raindowners, Tent 4, and the Exit of FloSaundra

by - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1.That FloSaundra is leaving, right when being their rivals was getting more lame than fun-Yeah Yeah, we get it- you are French and weirdly trashy and constantly need to stop the land rover so you can pee (why does seeing any sort of animal make her need to urinate in the grass?). Please stop making out in the back of the truck and hit the road!

2. Weirdly not minding a 5 AM Wakeup- It may have something to do with the hot chocolate we get just for getting out of bed. Also, the 5 AM wakeup was closer to our actual California schedule, so maybe that is why it feels better.
3. Hippa Middleton- The most royal of all the Hippos. We know this because we couldn't come up with any better Hippo puns. Also she is the loudest mother f-er at the party. And, all the other hippos wish that they had a butt like her. Also, we watched the hippos roll over and stick their feet in the air, like a little kid doing a handstand in the pool. Hippa really gives me a new appreciation for the hippo ballerinas in Fantasia.
4. Raindowners- We were supposed to have a romantic ride out and watch the sunset and drink wine in what is called a "sundowner." Instead, we sat soaking wet in our land rover drinking wine and eating potato chips while watching giraffes be way tougher than we are. In short, it was awesome. Plus, life is more about making fun out of the not-so-romantic moments that having these contrived moments of romance. Life is not an episode of the Bachelor. Or at least ours isn't. This felt like an adventure, so we loved it.

5. Having the Most Romantic Night since we got married- Have I mentioned how awesome the people at Mara Explorers are? For our last night (and after the busted but still wonderful raindowner), they set up a table and luminaries at our tent, and they brought our dinners through the rain to us. It was genuinely the sweetest thing ever, and it made me cry. It was so cool to sit there listening to the hippos' evil laughter and the bush babies fighting while eating apple pie with mango ice cream in a rain storm in the middle of Africa. Just awesome.
6. Moving to Tent 4- Once Saundy and Flo left, we moved into this castle for kings. It is at the curve in the river, so there are hippos in every direction.
7. The Boy- He is the best, like a zebra riding a giraffe riding a rhino riding a elephant (a la "I Just Can't Wait to be King")
8. That Leopards can be totally surrounded by trucks and then suddenly disappear- These are the hardest animals to see on safari, because they are super fast, great climbers, and they are super shy. I like that they just disappear, and who can blame them? When I see someone wearing crocs and taking pictures with his/her ipad, I want to run too! (Seriously though, stop taking pictures with tablets. You look ridiculous).  We were seriously surrounding the leopard, who was basically a baby, and after a few minutes, he still thwarted us all.

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