3 Things for Sunday- Dengu, Maasai Market Shopping, and the Beginnings of Reverse Jet Lag

by - Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1. Dengu, even dengu leftover- Dengu is a Kenyan dish made wit little green grains that taste and look somewhere between peas and quinoa. They mix it with onions, carrots, and potatoes into a stew, and you lap it up with chapati, which are basically Kenyan tortillas. AMAZING. I could eat this everyday, which is no surprise, considering how much I loves peas and carbs. We ate it first on Friday and then had leftovers tonight, and it was still awesome (it may even follow the lasagna rule and have gotten better). I will be looking for recipes for this later.
2. Heading home- I am really looking forward to my hair dryer. Also, just being in our own space.
3. The Boy at the Maasai Market- we went to this big market today to wrap up all of our gift shopping and to get the Kenyan barter experience. They all agressively sought out our attention (it was worse because it was a slow day), and they were all both persistent AND friendly, so you really felt bad shooting them down over and over again. But the Boy got in there to pull down prices and tell people no, which is good, because without his help I would have left penniless and naked with a large collection of baskets and masks. I tried, I really did, but I am both a push over and an indecisive shopper, so this kind of thing is a paricularly big challenge.
4. The strange Milka bars in the Kenyan Duty Free stores- Milka ones? Ones with bisquits inside? Who knew.

5. That for the next 8+ hours, we are going to do our darndest to stay awake- God help us on this nearly impossible task, but we are basically on the opposite of our regular sleep schedule, and if we can use the flight to help us get on the right track, that would be a great thing. (Spoiler- I started writing these blogs at 4 in the morning today, so I have yet to succeed at getting back on the right schedule.

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