3 Things for Sunday 5-5- Church, Giraffes, and the Endless Quest for an ATM

by - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1. AIC Church- Steve and Melinda's church is a pretty small place, but it really filled up with people! The worship music was so great (though the projector wasn't working, and a lot of it was in Swahili, but I did learn one line- "shindi wa wa shindi"). It was also incredibly cool to hear a sermon in Swahili and English (at one point the translator couldn't think of a word, and half the congregation said "gentle"). They really take their sweet time, the service was 2+ hours long, but up until the end I really didn't mind. Afterwards, they had us come and drink tea with them, which was nice, except that I had to drink the tea. Everyone was very friendly.

2. Feeding Giraffes- this was AWESOME. If this is all we get to do in Kenya, it would have been worth the trip. Giraffes have crazy long black tongues and their slobber is weird and stringy. Plus, when you are eye level with them, you can tell their heads are way too big for their necks (did you know their necks are made with the same number of joints as humans' and that they have super high blood pressure so they have to keep their head up most of the time? The things you learn) They have a hotel on the same grounds, so if we ever go back, I will probably stay there.
3. The strange adventure of trying to get cash in Africa- Who knew it would be so hard to find a cooperative ATM? There were a fair share of strike outs, which wouldn't have been so bad, but we still didn't have any shillings! Lots of things are still closed there on Sundays, and a bunch of ATMs were not working right. It was odd, and we never had trouble again.

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