3 Things for Saturday- Rainy Walks, Kasuri Beads, and a Literal Urban Safari

by - Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1. Long walks in foreign cities that end in rainstorms- Oh boy, we went for a walk just the Boy and I today, because I think the Moffitts are past sick of us. First, we got lost. Then, we found our way to the shopping center that we were trying to get to, but when we were maybe half a mile away, it started to rain. Really to pour. Like everyone else around, we just ran for it, but we were soaked. It was fun, and I was proud of us for picking ourselves up, wrapping the camera bag in a shopping bag, and finding our way back to Moffitts in the storm. Go team!

2.Kasuri Beads- this is another very cool crat place in Nairobi that makes gorgeous colorful beads. The business was founded by a woman, was bought up by another woman, and primarily employs women, especially single mothers, who need the work but also need to be there for their kids (the hours of Kasuri exactly correspond with school hours. The whole place was very cool, and it looked so different from American manufacturing because it is very communal and social. And it is just the kind of place where you feel good about buying things.
3.Waterproofed Clark's- Now we can be sure that they work!
4. Tourists decked full out for a safari in the middle of Nairobi- We would call that overprepared. We saw a whole family in coordinating khaki wear at Sheldrick's. So glamorous. I can see how it could happen, because you really don't get good advice about what to wear to Nairobi, but that is because you just dress normal in Nairobi. It's just a city, peeps.
5. That we head back tomorrow- It feels like time. Maybe we could have stayed one fewer day. We are trying not to completely wear out what feels to be a steadily thinning welcome. All we need to do is finish our shopping for our siblings!

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