3 Things for Saturday- Our First Day in Nairobi

by - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1. The brightest orange sunrise I have ever seen in my life- What a welcome to Africa! It was just beautiful.
2. Jet lag stupor- We had it big time all day, and it kind of oscillates between silliness and zombiness (Wow, this is so the truth, as we are feeling it again on the other side and I have been up since 3 in the morning). We went to bed at 8 o'clock if that is any indication of our exhaustion. Hopefully it won't continue, because it makes the work of making small talk with relatives twice as hard.
3. That everyone in Nairobi walks- As we drove around, I was struck by a couple of things (all of their ads are in English! They sell lots of things- clothes, tarps, furniture- outside on the street!), but nothing more than that there are lots of people walking around everywhere. There aren't always great sidewalks, but there have to be more people walking down the street than driving on it, and Kenyans have great and super-varied style.
4. That as I write this (or wrote this I guess, it was early Sunday morning, and now as I type it, it is early Tuesday morning), I am watching monkeys play around on the swingset in the backyard of my aunt and uncle's complex. The neatest thing is that the city is crazy busy all the time, but their space is pretty calm. Also, this is the first city I've been to that has monkeys running around it. They were really fun (and surreal) to watch.

5. Pink roses- my aunt put roses in our room, and they are so pretty! Apparently Europe imports most of its roses from Kenya, but they won't accept ones that are flawed or already opening, so vendors sell the unshippable ones here on the super cheap.

6. The Kenya National Museum- It is newly redone since the Moffitt's have been there, and it reminded me of the Carnegie Museum, because there is an art component and a natural section. Also, Kenyan buffalos look like they are wearing a jaunty toupe, which made me laugh. And the museum has an extensive section of dead stuffed birds that I have never seen before. I enjoyed the Kenyan History section the most, because I learned a lot about their history of colonialism (and why mission work is so rooted in that country), their political climate, and demographics. As you may know, Kenya has been trying to establish their own democratic government into place there, which has a lot of challenges, and they have stepped totally out from under colonial rule (only in 1963, so it hasn't been that long).
7. How chaotic and colorful everything is here- My Aunt Melinda says this is what my cousin Natalie misses the most now that she is in the States for college, and I don't blame her.
8. Ethiopian Food- I tried Goat tibs! Not bad! Basically, an Ethiopian meal is a bunch of meat and sauces that you lap up with these long rolled sheets of bread. My favorite thing was the orange pile that I no longer remember the name to, but maybe someone can remind me. My least fave was the actual bread (also has a better name than the one I am using, but we were still really tired/ not taking things in well), because it is kind of bitter and sour. We ate at a restaurant where you eat outside almost in your own nook of trees, and the people who worked there had built a fire outside. By this point, I was really fading fast, but it was an awesome experience for a first meal in Kenya!

9. My Uncle Steve's yard turtle "Mr. T"- Come on, that is just cute!

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