3 Things for Monday- Kitengala Glass, Natalie's Video, and Rick Moranis

by - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1. Kitengala Glass- Last summer, my cousin Natalie worked at this glass-blowing place as a summer internship. From her descriptions and the one picture we saw, it seemed like a relatively run of the mill and small artists workshop. So I was blown away when I saw the labyrinth of glass and weirdness that it actually was (just another reason why Natalie will always be cooler than the rest of us). It had it all! Mosaic pathways! Camels! Glass windchimes! Infinite bags of lettuce! Ugly family feuds! Stained glass windows! Creepy birds! A suspension bridge over a ravine! Bead making! An odd little German lady owner, who had just discovered TripAdviser! Kitengala was probably the most bizarre, beautiful, and completely out of place set-up that we saw while we were in Nairobi. I loved it, and I would highly recommend the out of the way trip to anyone who is visiting the city. It is worth it, and the adventure of a trip is kind of fun anyway.
2. The Moffitt's old home videos- The highlight of which is Natalie, at like 2 and a half or 3, jumping on the bed, throwing herself backwards, and basically bouncing so hard that she falls off the bed, head first. I cannot explain it in a way that shows how funny it is, but since we know she turned out just fine, it is really really funny. Plus, it is just cool to see them at the ages we missed, since they only came home every 4 years on furlough.
3.Working ATM's! Glorious! We finally had money, which was definitely an exciting turn of events. The Boy felt much better, and we could start being good little tourists and buying stuff. Shillings make you feel rich, because their bills go up to a thousand, but I never totally understood the exchange rate.
4. Rick Moranis- (Ok, I am just going to straight quote this) " The Boy is currently wine drunk in a tent in Maasai Mara. That was his giggly suggestion. Do with it what you would like, future me."

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