3 Things for Friday- Malaika, Aim AIR, and Mara Explorer

by - Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1. Butternut Squash Soup- one of the best food discoveries I've had here. It is sweet and awesome and cheap, so there you go.

2. Malaika- this one famous cheetah (and her ornery cub) made her name by realizing the trucks were a super safe and effective lookout- all you have to put up with is posing for LOTS of tourist pictures! She is basically a celebrity in the Mara, so I am glad we got to see them climb a truck while we were there.
3.How BIG AIM Air is- Since I was little, the Moffitts have spent 4 years in Kenya and then one year in the States. We knew they were in Kenya, and we sort of knew what their life was like from pictures, but we really didn't have a great sense of the whole thing. There is something really cool about actually seeing some of the places they have talked about, and how big they are. I imagined my Uncle's job to be in a pretty small space, but the AIM Air hanger is 4 stories tall and there were people bustling at every turn. We also got to see his enthusiasm for avionics and the planes that he works on, and we had a much better sense of why he fights to come back to his job during every furlough.
4. Joseph, George, Godfrey, and Edwin- The staff at Mara Explorer were super super cool and friendly, and I think we were sad to leave this morning, because we liked them so much. At the same time, a huge entourage took us to the airport, and that got a little awkward, because I always fret before flights. Still, you have to appreciate really good hosts.

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