Shopping for Mother's Day on Etsy!

by - Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alright, we will still be out of the country for Mother's Day, so I am trying to do the shopping for my Mom and Mom-in-Law today. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Etsy? Oh I have? Well, I am going to do it again. Here are some of my favorite Etsy finds thus far:


From Wit and Whistle

From Cheeky Kumquat

 There are so many kind of like this one, which are funny, but also make you wonder whether our generation really has some issues with narcissism.

From doodlelove


From Amy Waltz

 I love these engraved bracelets, but I especially love when the message is on the inside, like a really closely-kept secret.

From ERia Designs
I am obsessed with these! I would buy them for my mommy girlfriends if I knew they were done having babies. So cute.

From Tatiana G
I actually got my Mom one of these one year, and I think she liked it?

Engraved Cutting Boards

I am seriously obsessed with these. These may be the winners this year (though my MIL reads this blog, so maybe not).
From Elysium Woodworks
I love that there is a "You are Here" on the board. Just in case you forgot. I just love the weirdness of this.
From Elysium Woodworks
Perfect for the chemist bacon enthusiast that lives in every mother. Ok, maybe not for everyone, but definitely someone who is awesome.
From Wood Ink


From Elegant Holidays
Ok, this may be cheesy in real life, but doesn't it look soooo pretty here? I love it.
From Blue Skies Homestead
A Jewelry box is always a good gift, and I thought this was a pretty cool one. Very mod.

From yevgenia
From yevgenia

This teapot is what I would get for my mother-in-law if I had all the money in the world. The cups are also a beautiful option. Just a really pretty and nice gift. I love this etsy store, but I have never bought anything from it.

From Designs by Nicolina

Yay Etsy!

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