30 Day Lady Challenge- Day 8

by - Friday, April 05, 2013

Day 8- Someone who you think lights up the rooms they are in- Melissa

I met Melissa in middle school, but we didn't really become friends until the end of high school. We made the world's best history posters (complete with rabid dogs) and chased a red curly-haired boy around on a Spanish cruise. She has the look of a sort of popular girl- very pretty and skinny and athletic- but actually has a much more quirky and original personality once you get to know her. Melissa has endless energy and DEFINITELY lights up the rooms she is in. She has a big laugh and a super expressive face. Her energy dominates the spaces she is in and I cannot even count how many times I have marveled at her openess and the way her positivity can connect her with others instantly.

I think Melissa is the master conductor of emotional energy. I think she reflects people's energy back at them in a really beautiful way. Because of this, she has a really rare talent for turning lukewarm excitement into crazy enthusiasm and fun. This is part of why I think she really does light up every room she is in. She has incredible intensity and I think she is great at channeling it. She feels everything in a very intense way, so the people she loves, she LOVES, and I think that is beautiful. 
Strangely, she has a husband and best friend who are both kind of the opposite. not easily riled up, even tempered. When you have fun with Melissa, it is a LOT of fun, and I love that.

This is my favorite picture of Melissa. She changes hairstyles quite a bit, but I feel like this shade is really working, and I like that it sets of her freckles (I always wanted freckles, so I appreciate them in other girls). Melissa is a natural athlete. She is competitive most with herself, and she is always pushing herself and her body. She has a kind clean and natural aesthetic, with a lot of simple lines and organic colors. I think she can pull off this level of simplicity because she is so pretty to begin with, and I think her style really works for her. I think because she has so much energy just resonating out of her, she also has to maintain a cooler, calmer complement. I think this is true for her aesthetic as well. If she wore a lot of busy fussy stuff, it both wouldn't fit the cool sides of her personality and it would compete with the light she is already resonating. 

 Melissa is a master adventurer, and I am pretty sure she has traveled the most of anyone I know our age, so she really spreads that light all over as she goes. She has also chosen to be an Episcopal priest, and it has been interesting and encouraging to see how her positivity has been challenged and how it has thrived under the pressure of an incredibly difficult job. Melissa isn't afraid, and she isn't shy, so she can connect with others on an intense level quickly. I couldn't believe the first time she visited me how many random strangers came up to us to start a conversation. That literally never happens to me, but Melissa has a genuine Godly light and an open energy that people are just drawn to talk to her. I think that is so cool, but I am glad it is not me, because I am way too shy to handle it!

Melissa is also the ultimate animal lover. She has exceptionally pretty dogs too, if you can believe it! Her family spends a lot of time outdoors camping and being outdoorsy, so she has that toughness as well as the levity.

 Ok, I included 2 different pics from my wedding, because I thought her hair looked awesome. Melissa is always willing to push things that little step further- her enthusiasm was so powerful and HELPFUL that week, and my Mom and Mother in Law both couldn't stop raving about how awesome she was. She talked to her friend Lea and had a cupcake truck come to my bachelorette (awesomeness!), she made a lot of time in her very busy priest schedule to help, and she bonded with lots of my family members (stuffed into my Nana's bathroom steaming a dress). The picture in the middle perfectly sums up how she was. Basically, she was pumped and fun and positive through the whole thing. She was awesome.

 I can remember, when we were getting ready for her own wedding, that she was like best friends with her consultant at one of the bridal stores in like 5 minutes. They were laughing and talking like old friends. That's Melissa, in a nutshell. I admire this quality first and foremost because she understands the importance of being a positive light for other people, but also that it takes such courage to keep being vulnerable and putting herself out there.

Melissa might be best summed up in her mother's famous catchphrase "Oh Melissa." She is just a hoot, with a level of energy that I am not sure anyone can keep up with (this could also apply to her driving... though I think I have only had a near-death experience with her once!). Even if ever so often, the Great Edie wants Melissa to take a breath, I would never want her to change, because I genuinely think she is spectacular and original. She doesn't just emanate light herself, but she reflects back and magnifies the energy the room is giving her. That by itself is an incredibly unique gift. So here is to you, my dear Dale, for being beautiful because of your energy, your humor, and your light.

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