30 Day Challenge- Are you in Yet?

by - Friday, April 12, 2013

Ok, let me pimp this one more time. It has been really fun to do, and putting positivity out into the universe can only be a good thing. Want to join in? Here is the list again:

Day 1- Someone who you think underestimates their own beauty.
Day 2- Something that you genuinely think is beautiful that isn't always treated that way.

Day 3- Someone whose strength makes them beautiful.
 Day 4- Someone who is beautiful because they are always experimenting with their look.

Day 5- Someone who is beautiful because of their confidence.
Day 6- Something that you think is beautiful about women who are Moms (or Grandmas).

Day 7- Someone who always expresses themselves in a beautiful way.
Day 8- Someone who you think lights up the rooms they are in.

Day 9- Someone who you think is beautifully unique. 
Day 10-Someone with great hands.
Day 11- Someone who you think is beautiful because they know what they want from life.
Day 12- Someone you think is bold and courageous.
Day 13- Someone with great skin.
Day 14- Someone whose smile makes you smile.
Day 15- Something that you think is beautiful about yourself.
Day 16- Someone who you think has beautiful curves.
Day 17- Someone who sticks it to gender norms.
Day 18-  A way you think a person's personality makes them beautiful.
Day 19- Someone whose intelligence makes them beautiful.
Day 20- Someone who only gets more beautiful with time.
Day 21- Someone you think has great style.
Day 22- Something you don't have that you find beautiful in other women.
Day 23- Someone whose positive thoughts shine out of their face.
Day 24- Someone who is beautiful because of what they love.
Day 25- Someone who radiates warmth and love.
Day 26- Someone with great hair.
Day 27- Someone who is beautiful because of how they see, not only how they look.
Day 28- Someone who is hilarious and that makes them beautiful.
Day 29- Someone with beautiful eyes.
Day 30- Something that you didn't notice before as beautiful, but you do now.

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