3 Things Yesterday- SF Drives, SFMoMA Employees, and Safari Shopping

by - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1. Driving through San Francisco by myself- pretty much every time I have gone to the city, it has been to one of the two same places I always go. I am super intimidated by the crazy traffic and one way streets, but yesterday I did it anyway. Right now, that feels like a major win, so I was pumped about it.
2. Meeting someone who never got their PhD in art history but has a job she loves and seems genuinely happy (and awesome)- Yeah, this. So encouraging, and I am excited to meet more people while volunteering at SFMoMA.
3. Being done shopping for safari clothes! Now, all we need to get is the gifts for our hosts. 2 weeks and we will be on safari!!! So excited about this trip.

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