3 Things- Volunteering Progress, Camera Tossing, and Unexpected Mail

by - Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1. Finally making progress with the kids at tutoring- Man, this is an uphill battle. Because I am tutoring in a group of about 10 kids, all of whom have been together the entire year, I feel a lot like an outsider/intruder. Thank goodness for riddles and yard games, that's all I have to say. At my other tutoring, I am finally breaking through to my very sportsy kid by turning EVERYTHING into a competition. I could care less, but it seems to work for him. And thank goodness for a challenge I can return to everyday, so eventually I won't suck. It's a huge blessing, and in a weird way, I am enjoying it.

If you are ever having a life crisis, I highly recommend putting that time into volunteering. Nothing puts my lame dramas into perspective like talking to a kid who matter of factly (like it's no big deal) tells me that he has been in foster care twice "because my parents hit me too much." They are all crazy and enthusiastic and totally disinterested in school, but I know just being there and being interested in them can make a world of difference. I am looking for suggestions on other games I could play with them (so far I tried reverse hide and go seek and capture the flag), so if you have any ideas, let me know.

From digitalphotobuzz.com
2. Camera tossing- I am currently trying to go through and fix up all of my old posts (meaning, cite all of the old photos I put on here, so that this is a little more legit). Anyway, I found an old post about photo tossing, which has to be one of those things only really rich people do. I would never throw my camera (I can barely keep it safe when I carry it normally!), but the pictures they get when they do it are exceptionally cool.
3. Just-because mail- Who doesn't love getting real mail!? In some ways, it is even better when it is unexpected, because it is just such a pleasant addition to the day!

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