3 Things Today- Safaris, Apple Juice, and Friendly People

by - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

1. We finally booked our safari! Oh, this shit is really happening now. All we need is one more set of plane tickets and some hiking boots, and we can do this! I am pretty excited about this, and it was the perfect end to what was not the greatest day (any day where you have a nasty cold, pass out in the doctors office, and puke easter candy in front of strangers really needs to end with travel plans).
2. Martinelli's apple juice- the juice comes in a little glass bottle shaped like an apple. I always want to keep it, but I am not sure I need to memorialize "that one time I was really sick while the Boy was on a trip to Seattle so I just ordered a pizza and needed to buy something else so the price was high enough for a delivery," as great a memory as it is.
3. Gap.com's employees- I couldn't get the website to work, so I could buy a pair of shorts and a tshirt with a birthday giftcard, so I called their number, and the lady I talked to was genuinely awesome. She actually helped me get better discounts on my order. Even better, she told me rhinos can put out fires with their teeth! Don't you just love when things are way more pleasant than you expect them to be? It was very cool.

Also, I need to add Donnie Wahlberg to the list. I am watching the New Kids on the Block on Watch What Happens Live and their ability to identify each others crotches is incredibly endearing. I can remember a girl asking me which one I liked in kindergarten, but I really had no idea who they were, so I said Donnie because I could remember him from the cartoon. The girl told me he was the gay one, which I don't remember knowing what that meant, but clearly she felt it was a bad thing. I remember feeling stupid for picking the wrong answer, but we were more into the Monkees than anything current. Now, I have danced to one of their songs on Dance Central and am currently learning the rest of their names on this show, and Donnie seems like somebody's embarrassing dad (in the best way) and I love him. He seems to be most enjoying the whole thing. So there, random nameless 7th Street kindergartener. It took 22 years, but he and I were reunited by Andy Cohen. I feel much more confident that my taste in pop stars (or just eye for awesomeness?) was pretty spot on even then.

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