3 Things- Non-Revlon Nail Polish, Awkward Race Conversations, and Finishing Something

by - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1. Not Revlon Nail Polish- Ok, it should be said that I don't actually have any nail painting skill. In general, I paint my whole foot, and after a few washes stick with whatever hasn't fallen off. I had noticed that a certain kind of nail polish is really plastic/rubbery and never actually looks nice. Then, I realized they are all revlon ones! Another lesson in the world of trying to be girly. And, it is crazy, because it sticks to my feet pretty well, so I should have it going on for a while.

2. Awkward conversations about race- Ok, this one is obviously a mixed bag too, but it is something I feel grateful for when it comes around. Those awkward silences are so honest. I had an orientation for one of my tutoring jobs, and because it is in an area with a very diverse population, racially and in terms of class. So we worked through a number of conversational scenarios that were helpful in revealing blind spots. That stuff is important, especially because we all want to do a good job.

In all honesty, I come out of almost every human interaction worried that I didn't handle it as well as I should have or worried about something I said was hurtful or awkward or wrong. These conversations are even worse, but I would much rather say something stupid now (in this case, having a total blindspot about how kids could perceive the racial profiling of their older male relative's ), than do it with a kid I am supposed to be helping.

3. Finishing my first real piece of writing since the Big Shit Show- Ok, it was only 400 hundred words. Technically, I write more on here than I did for this review. But I wrote it, and it's done, and now I can take my next baby step. Also, I am a scarf-making machine now. This is real progress, people.

Bonus: Receiving a phone call from one of my friends with my mother in law in the background- I left a gift for one of my friends at my in-laws, and she went to get it, and they couldn't find the gift, because The Boy put it in a bowl. Anyway, it was fun to hear them interact, and it was a big bright spot in my day!

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