3 Things- Mariah Carey Glitter Bomb, Spicy Hammachi, and the Postal Service

by - Thursday, April 11, 2013

From Usmagazine.com
1. Mariah Carey throwing glitter at Candice Glover- What the HELL jut happened?? The performance was amazing all on its own, but Carey just marching up to her and throwing glitter in her face was the best thing to happen ever.
2. Sushi-You know when you are in the mood for something and you aren't sure what it is, and then you have it and it is just right? Definitely had that moment with sushi yesterday. I was in the mood for some spicy hamachi, and it was damn good.
3. Postal Service tickets- Thank you to Paige's friend Burt for mentioning it, because there was only one Northern California concert not sold out yet, and I went for it and got us tickets. Super excited for this, because it is a real throwback to the beginning of our relationship.

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