10 Best Movie Siblings

by - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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 1. Adaptation-People make jokes about Nicolas Cage, but if you have ever seen this movie where he plays the screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and his fictional twin brother Donald. Donald is the manifestation of everything Charlie isn't- cool, good with women, thought-free, and banal (but in a great way). Their interactions are hilarious and sad. This could be an easy parody, or just a simple counterpoint to the writer's characterization of himself, but their relationship is fleshed out in such a way that by the end you almost have to go look up whether Charlie Kaufman does in fact have a brother. Their relationship is one of the greatest arcs of the film, because it as much about the complicated love between them as it is anything else. As I write this, I just want to go watch the movie.
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2. The Royal Tenenbaums- Still my favorite Wes Anderson movie, because the melancholy, stylized, and hilarious coldness somehow makes perfect sense when Anderson characterizes a family. Families have a million loaded silences. These family members can have totally different personalities, aesthetics, and spaces, yet somehow it is really clear how they all fit together. The relationships and performances between them fills the silences with depth without robbing the film of anything. Plus, that movie is just so funny. Also, I like restrained Ben Stiller so much better than full blast Stiller, and Gwyneth is perfect as Margot.
3. The Blues Brothers- You can't fight the power of this brotherhood. Funny movie, though do not watch the long version, and the chemistry between the leads seems effortless and a little tongue in cheek. Akroyd and Belushi never seem like they are trying that hard, even when they are in one of their big musical numbers or car chases or so forth.
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4. Sense and Sensibility- The Dashwoods are the best. Kudos to Ang Lee and Emma Thompson for keeping the dialogue between the sisters be snippy, sisterly, and very Austen all at the same time. It is also a nice piece of Austen cinematic real estate because in the end, the women mostly learn from each other and only sort of nab guys in the process. Great movie, better book.
5.On the Waterfront- I just wrote about this, but the scene with Brando and his brother in the car is worth the whole movie. Another one of those moments where the dialogue can depend on the performances, because both actors spoke to each other like they understand the deeper meanings without any gesture at all. That scene is ridiculous, because each brother basically has to decide which one of them has to die. The scene means more because they are brothers, and it works because they have set understandings and communication styles. A movie can't always hang on that, but this one does.
6. Hannah and her Sisters- Still my favorite Woody Allen movie, though the sisters are sometimes rotten to each other. My favorite scenes are when he puts all the women in the same room and have them talk at each other. It just works. All three actresses just do sisterly banter/ unwanted advice well.
7. Luke and Leia from Star Wars- Classic and still just a little bit creepy.

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8. To Kill a Mockingbird- I never got the importance of this relationship until I saw the movie. The retrospective tone really highlights the importance of the relationship between Scout and Jem. This quote really reminds me of them:

To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

 Can you imagine id your shared familial memories were Atticus Finch? Or just being inside that conflict. Because they experienced something so huge together as such small people, that bond is freaking forever.

9. Meet me in St. Louis- The whole point of this movie is to want to be one of these sisters. Just not the oldest one. Really, the younger they are, the more awesome they are. Basically, the plot of this movie is "Isn't this family great?", then they might have to move/ separate, and then it turns out they don't have to. So the only reason you would care is because the sisters are awesome. Well played, Minelli.

10.  The Virgin Suicides- Again, book is better (what is it about siblings and movie adaptations?), but the sisters in the films are so mysterious and weird and sad. They also seem like an actual set, so kudos to whoever cast that movie.

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