6 Things- Goldendoodle Hope, Wobby, Light up Sneakers, and my Mom

by - Sunday, March 10, 2013

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1. Goldendoodle pictures- Oh yeah, they are back. The idea that living in Seattle could lead to actually having our pet is a pretty exciting proposition. Trying to look on the bright side, and the possibility of actually getting Bumbo is a pretty positive idea. Of course, we will then have to deal with the realities of the dog, like that it doesn't actually speak and won't deliver us cake late at night, but I am still feeling good about this possibility.

2. Wobby- her birthday was yesterday, and all I can say is she is one of my favorite badasses ever. For example, we called her today to sing on the phone and she yelled at us to shut up. Then she sang Row Your Boat. She may be the only 3 year old I have ever been totally afraid of and charmed by at the same time. Love her!
3. That neon and pastels can only be in for so long- and, they apparently can be in style at the exact same time. Please let them both take off at once, because I want to see some pastel/ neon combos this summer! So ugly!!
4. A little kid in traditional Indian dress with light up sneakers on- Do you ever have those moments where you jut sort of love that you get to be in the world at the moment you do? I totally had one of those moments today.
5. Having Hoarders on while you clean your house- Perfect motivational tool.

6. My Mom! It's her birthday today! It's amazing so many badasses are born this week- Aubrey, her mom Pam, Nana, and my Mom- it's like a badass overload! We only got to talk to her for a minute, because apparently she and one of her dogs fell on their walk, but I really hope she is having a birthday as awesome as she is!

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