30 Day Lady Challenge- Day 6

by - Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 6- Something that you think is beautiful about women who are Moms (or Grandmas).

3 of my favorite people in this world, two of which I have known since I was a very very little person, had their own babies in the last 12 months, so I have been thinking a lot about this, as I am consistently impressed by how much poop and how little sleep they are dealing with on a daily basis. I think what I have been most struck by is how incredibly different the approaches to being a mom can be, even when your baby is still too little to do anything. Feed and change seems simple enough, yet it has been ridiculously cool to see how differently they handle the situation. 

What is most amazing about this difference, to me, is that each of their approaches to being a mom is just a continuation and heightening of fantastic qualities they already had. It's like a new application of their personalities and love to a new mission. If they were tough before, they apply that toughness to being a mom (and let's face it, to do this at all takes an incredible amount of grit). If they were organized and creative before, they are still super organized. The sacrifice and love of being a parent has profound effects on a person, but everyone also takes on the job in their own way, so you can see a lot of their most beautiful qualities in how they handle it.

 Maybe this truth is self-evident with a greater maturity, but when you grow up, your mom is your mom. Your grandma is your grandma.  And you never knew her before she was your mom ( or grandma). You can't recognize how the beauty of skills she has as a mom are directly related to the many beautiful qualities she had before you existed. They emerge in new forms, and being a parent makes a lot of people better (I have noticed that trend), but having a child just highlights and strengthens all of your pre-existing beauty. 

Seeing this firsthand in my friends makes me appreciate the women in my life more.I can see that my Mother-in-law has raised a tight knit family where her kids can tell her anything because she is a bit of a homebody who really treats her family as her best friends (her son is the same way). She doesn't suffer a lot of foolishness, but she has a huge heart. My mom was already a powerhouse, courageous, and very caring, and I think we got to see a ton of these qualities, in all of their forms, as her kids.

I completely adore my Grammy and my Nana, who both show some of their best qualities when they are grandma-ing. My Nana is the most hospitable person I know, and she is never happier than when her house is filled with her gigantic family and she is serving them a meal. She is endlessly open to everyone, and I think it is a credit to her that our family is not divided by who is blood related to whom. My Grammy is just magic in human form, and I think all six of her grandkids are devoted to her, because her silliness and childlike whimsy has always made her house a super fun place to be. 

Also, and this isn't related to my original point, but I think pregnancy is super beautiful, and that even if pregnancy is uncomfortable, all of my friends have looked beautiful and adorable pregnant. Prego's should enjoy it, because you really do look great. So here is to you,  Grandmas, Moms, and Future Moms. You're beautiful.

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