3 Things Yesterday

by - Friday, March 01, 2013

1. Shutterfly Books-I am trying to set goals for everyday, even though my life is in a weird holding pattern right now. Getting our wedding pictures has given me the chance to finish a bunch of projects I started 6 months ago, so that is a nice distraction and I still get to feel productive.
2. That NBC reran the "Halloween" episode last night- Ok, so maybe identifying with Jerry Gergich is a bad sign, but he and Leslie's talk really spoke to me. Also, now I can't find the quote anywhere, so that's a fail on my part.
 3. Heartburn-I don't think I have ever had heartburn before in my life, but I swear now I have it all the time. It's weird, ubt not the worst thing either. I feel like its just my stress manifesting in a weird physical way, but so far I haven't passed out or bit through my own face, so I feel like I am doing alright.

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