3 Things Yesterday- Crappy Silicon Valleyers, Duck Tape, and Easter

by - Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1. People who introduce themselves at a volunteer orientation by telling people that they met the founder of said charity at a wine and cheese fundraiser- Ugh Silicon Valley. Someone please get me our of here already. The old people are just as bad as the young ones. People only want to know you well enough to be sure they are better than you are. And if there is a competition, even two retired ladies have to keep out-douching each other. For serious, someone rescue me from this place.
2. Duck tape Bed Bug Traps- Alright, so I have been getting more and more eaten up, and am basically covered in bug bites. The Boy has none. At first, I thought nothing of it, because I often get way more bug bites than the people I'm with, for whatever reason. But it has been like 3 weeks of this now. So last night, I decided we have bed bugs, and tried to set up a trap with duck tape. I don't know if I am on to something or not, because all the duck tape caught was my hair. I think it may just be mosquitos from living next to a creek. Despite the tragic tone of this and the general ickiness of even thinking you have bed bugs, we still had fun trying to set the trap and speculating why the bed bugs want nothing to do with the Boy.

From http://crookedhouse.typepad.com/spotsandstripes/2011/04/psanky-psanky-easter-eggs.html
3. Easter Eggs- I love them! Getting excited for Easter.

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