3 Things- Trivial Pursuit, French Fries, and Ryan Seacrest

by - Thursday, March 21, 2013

1. Trivial Pursuit- last night may have been the dorkiest super late night of our marriage, and The Boy kicked my butt, but I had fun anyway. Probably because I was able to figure out a really hard Sting question.Thank you Sting, for helping to preserve my self-esteem.
2. French fries- I really didn't think friend food would be that tough of a commitment, but man we have missed getting french fries now and then. It is kind of killing the Boy not to get fries with a burger, that sort of thing. We tried making or own baked version, but they were not as good, shockingly enough. Sometimes when we walk by a restaurant with fried food, the Boy actually whimpers and whines. We are also really sad about the lack of calimari in our lives. It's been an odd Lent.
3. Ryan Seacrest wiping away Lazaro's tears- Freaking Ryan Seacrest and Sting were really confusing me yesterday. In general I have thought Ryan Seacrest has literally nothing on the divine Cat Deely, but he has been exceptionally sweet and kind to the contestants this year, proving himself to be a master of helping someone hold it together on camera (when I am sure the producers would love an all out breakdown). Because of this, I find myself kind of liking him, against all of my instincts and sense.

Also, my American Idol Power List-
1. Candice Glover-She is just on another level. Her cover of "Come Together" was sexy and awesome.
2. Kree Harrison- I hope the judges start giving her actual advice, because I find their worship obnoxious. Especially because last night, she was a little boring.Maybe she makes it look so easy that it doesn't seem interesting, but I think sometimes things borderline move in that direction.
3. Burnell Taylor- I am forgiving him for not knowing "Let it Be" because his version was so pretty and weird. Also, I loved his jacket. He is my favorite guy, even though I am sort of routing for an all-female Top 4.
4. Angie Miller- She always seems like she is Trying So Hard, but she does have a pretty voice. Plus, I liked that in the package her brother said seeing her on tv made him cry. It was sweet.
5. Amber Holcomb- She is likable and pretty and could very well win. I liked the set-up with the violins in a sea of smoke. On the other hand, that song is really melancholy and her version had no real emotion to it.
6. Janelle Arthur- Pretty song, pretty dress, pretty hair. She seems like a liable person, but I don't care much about her since I am not into country music. She did a good job of spinning the theme to her advantage and of distinguishing herself in a field with a lot of really great female singers.
7. Devin Velez- His package about his school and his little brother really made me like him more, but not so much that I am rooting for him. He is the hardest one to remember.
8. Paul Jolley- He seems confused, and he reminds me Constantine from many seasons ago in that he makes very deliberate sexy faces that make me feel sad and a little creeped out inside. I thought he sounded good on Eleanor Rigby, but his face bugs me, and when he talks he comes off as pretentious and self-aware in a bad way.
9. Lazaro Arbos- One of the weird things about being on the West Coast is that by the time I saw his audition, the internet was already abuzz with how moving it was. So when I saw it, I was underwhelmed. This guy was no Chris Medina. Since then, it seems clear that his confidence has been shaken by not having enough time to learn the songs, because when he nails it, he nails it, but when he misses, it's a huge mess.

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