3 Things- Pope Stuff, Voortman Cookies, and Pag's Column

by - Friday, March 15, 2013

1. That the Pope asked his parishioners to pray for him- I know I have lots of belief/ political differences with him, but it seems like a pretty profound show of humility to have that be one of the first things you do as Pope. From my understanding, based primarily on The Boy's ex-Catholic accounts, Catholicism is all about its hierarchy. If you as a layman plug into the hierarchy through prayer, it sort of flows up through the hierarchy to the Pope who stands spiritually at the top of the mountain. So to be that guy, who basically has God's ear, and to know you still need the prayer of others seems significant to me. Again, not a Catholic expert, but it is kind of like the CEO of a company asking the blue collar workers for help. Seeing value in those people, even if they are institutionally toward the bottom seems right (am I showing my socialist leanings in my religious analysis? I don't care).
2. Voortman cookies- I swear, I have been thinking about these cookies like once an hour. If you are in Pennsylvania, the blessed place where they sell these vanilla wafer cookies, and you wanted to lift my soul which is getting crushed daily (though I think this phase is almost over), this is how to do it. Please, someone, send me some vanilla wafer cookies, or at least eat some on my behalf!
3. Pag's column for the Derrick yesterday:

"And I get that sometimes we want to stick it to people because we think they deserve it. We say nasty or hateful things because we think somebody deserves to suffer. We want to put them in their place. We want to teach them a lesson. We want them to suffer for their bad behavior or their glaring character flaw and we think we should take the opportunity to help that suffering along.

It’s a particularly surprising impulse in Christians, given that 'When you see someone behaving in a way you don’t think I’d approve of, you should personally try to hurt them in my name' can be found in the Bible in Chapter I of the Book of Things Jesus Never Said Ever. The New Testament runs pretty clearly in the opposite direction."

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