3 Things- Kindness, Life Direction from Clam Chowder, and Sci-fi romance movie soundtracks

by - Tuesday, March 05, 2013

1. Kindness, even when there is a "no" wrapped inside of it- How is it that it is so easy to forget how much kindness matters? Or how powerful it is? We are a little bit sad sacks, so you shouldn't wait until you feel good to try to make someone else feel better, because when you feel really good, it's easier to forget how important it is.
2. Clam chowder life signs- ok, I will admit I currently am over-analyzing everything, but for four years, when I have been on campus I buy the same cup of clam chowder at CoHo. It's pretty good, and it is the only lunch I can get for under 5 dollars. Today, the soup had split. It obviously sat for too long. Life sign. Even the Stanford chowder, one of the bright spots, isn't good anymore.
3. Safety Not Guaranteed's finale and is score- It's a weiird little score that reminds me so much of Eternal Sunshine. Is this movie some very kind of specific type that I love? Or did Safety Not Guaranteed recognize me as its audience and put comforting music in? Unclear.

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