3 things- Goonies, Tulips, and Qiu Zhijie

by - Saturday, March 16, 2013

1. The Goonies- You cannot knock this movie, it is genuinely perfect from start to finish. I forget how dark that first sequence is. I seriously cannot even talk about how much I love this movie. A night of knitting and Goonies is a pretty great night.
2. Tulips- they feel like spring, and brightness, and quiet joy. Not my favorite flowers ever, but maybe in the top ten? They are super pretty and I am happy to have them in the apartment now.

Found this picture of MOB here.
3. The contemporary Chinese photography show at the San Jose Art Museum- I may write a whole post about this. A great reflection on the conflicts of national identity in a country which has rapidly urbanized/ industrialized. Plus, it had one of my favorites of all time- Qiu Zhijie.

They also had a section about Asian Americans and Asian American identity that had a few really smart videos and pieces. My favorite artist I had never seen before were the Mail Order Brides, who are a collective of 3 Filipino-American women who reflect on their own cultural histories of marriage (like the mail order bride) and on the ridiculousness of marriage culture now. They had a really hilarious and smart video series, but I actually liked their work Mananaggoogle the best. They fused Filipino myths of the Mananaggal (a blood sucking lady monster with wings who splits in half and flies around without her torso at night) and the antagonism toward women in corporate culture (especially in Silicon Valley) in a series of photographs and an installation. I am totally obsessed with them (can you tell??)> 

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