3 Things- Glowy Easter Eggs, Veggies, Desert Boots, and PLANE TICKETS!!!!!!!!

by - Sunday, March 17, 2013

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1. Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt- Ok, I am actually obsessed with this idea. Today at lunch, the Boy and I were talking about how we could put a twist on my nana's annual easter egg hunt to appeal to the older cousins. We used to always have little ones around, but now the little ones are almost all big! Most everyone is at least ten, except for the very youngest (who just wants to do what everyone else is doing), so I was thinking that maybe a capture the egg situation would work. But I like this idea even better. Now, I just have to figure out how to pitch it to my Nana.
2. Grilled vegetables- I think we have had them everyday for a week and a half, and they just never get old. I bought the Boy a little veggie basket thing for on the grill, and it is basically the best thing ever.
3. Clark's Desert Boots- I keep trying to convince myself that these are perfectly legit Safari shoes, despite the fact that they are apparently not waterproof or particularly supportive. But they are very cute. And I would still wear them when we get back, which is not the case for pretty much anything else that is a contender. Ah well. Maybe a mysterious shoe benefactor will get them for my birthday, but they are way too expensive to even ask for as a gift.

Bonus- We got our tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this feeling, because once the plane tickets are bought, you know the trip is happening. I am just so happy to have this to look forward to! Also, we are going to have a long layover in Amsterdam, so we can hopefully get some Beatrix gear while we're there.

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